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5 vs 5 

Preseason Kick Off

Registration Deadline is July 31, 2017 

Register by July 23 and receive $25 off your team registration!

Deputy Brandon Coates Community Park

Warrior Soccer Club presents our 5 vs 5 Preseason Kick Off! Join us for this exciting, fast-paced tournament in sunny Orlando, Florida. Players, coaches and spectators alike will be sure to enjoy this day of soccer fun!

Warrior Soccer Club is an educational soccer organization who's focus is to help develop players along with maintaining the fun behind the game! We are so excited to offer the first of our Tournament Series this summer. 


Divisions: (Youth) *By Birth Year
 Boys: 2009/U9, 2008/U10, 2007/U11, 2006/U12, 2005/U13, 2004/U14

 Girls: 2009/U9, 2008/U10, 2007/U11, 2006/U12, 2005/U13, 2004/U14 

8 player roster maximum  (6 player minimum)
Rosters are frozen the Friday before Tournament Day.
5 players on the field with 1 designated as GK in an alternate color.


Cost:  $250 per team 
Prizes for all Division Winners 

Field Size: 
35 x 50 for Boys and Girls Youth Divisions

*Goal Size:
6ft High x 12ft Wide



Tournament Format: 
3-Game Guarantee with a final in each division..


3 points for win, 1 point for tie, 0 points for loss
Top 2 teams from each bracket advance to the Final
In case of tie, winner decided by goal difference record
If still tied, team with most goals
If still tied, penalty kick shootout to decide

Game Play

  • Game time= 2 X 15 minutes running clock with 3 minute half-time.

  • No offside.

  • All free kicks, goal kicks, corner kicks and kick-ins are indirect.

  • Substitutions on the fly from midfield. Player “A” must be off before player “B” enters. Penalty-indirect free kick from where the ball is at time of illegal substitution.

  • Player must use a kick-in from the sidelines. Cannot score directly.

  • Absolutely NO SLIDE TACKLING of an opponent! Any slide tackle of an opponent will result in an indirect free kick from the spot of the foul.

  • Goal kicks are to be taken anywhere in the penalty box.

  • All other FIFA rules apply.

  • Game times are strictly enforced.  Tardiness will result in a forfeit for your team.  A forfeit is recorded as a 3-0 loss.

  • Final games ending in a tie will go directly to a best-of 3 penalty kick shootout.

  • Decisions of the Tournament Director are final and no protests will be granted.

  • In the event that poor weather occurs, the Tournament Director has absolute authority to change game times, change game length or cancel games in the interest of players’ safety and completion of the tournament.

  • Warrior 5v5 Kick Off Tournament is not responsible for any expense incurred by any team due to cancellation, in part or in whole, of the tournament due to external conditions.

Goalkeeper Rules

  • When the keeper has the ball in possession with their hands, all throws, punts and drop kicks must bounce before the midfield line (indirect kick at midfield line for violation).

  • The six seconds rule and the pass back rule will apply.

  • If the GK decides to put the ball on the ground and play with their feet, the distribution rule does not apply; however, the GK can be challenged and is not allowed to pick up the ball again unless the ball is touched by an attacking player (indirect kick for violation).

  • There are no restrictions on Goal Kicks.

Players are only allowed to participate with one team.   ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED!  Coolers may be searched and alcohol will be removed. Failure to comply will result in removal from the site and disqualification of the team.  Park only in designated spaces as tickets may be issued for illegal parking.

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