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As we expand our organization and offerings to the community, we are also creating more platforms for your business to be exposed to a large audience. Whether it be through social media, advertisements, or shaking hands with attendees on tournament day, your company has the potential to reach families and spectators through sponsorship of Warrior Soccer Club. In turn, our organization will be better equipped to continue to support the athletic youth of Central Florida. Let’s work together!


Warrior 5 vs 5 Preseason Kick Off will be the first tournament of our series and will take place on August 27, 2017. We expect a minimum of 480 registered players, along with over 1400 spectators. Our tournament will take place at Deputy Brandon Coates Community Park which is seen from Highway 417 in Orlando, Florida.


Warrior Soccer Club would greatly appreciate your company's sponsorship. Please see below for descriptions and benefits received at each sponsorship level. We are committed to giving our youth a fun, healthy and safe soccer club and fostering a lifelong love of soccer and healthy living. Thank you for your consideration.

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